English WACE Practice Exam Essay Questions

Here are some practice essay questions for you to complete in the lead up to your English exam!

  1. Explain how at least one text manipulates the conventions of genres for a particular purpose and context.
  2. Explore how voice works within at least one text to represent a particular context.
  3. Evaluate the way narrative point of view is used in two texts to convey specific values.
  4. Discuss the way in which your understanding of context has influenced your interpretation of the perspectives in at least one text.
  5. Compare how two texts have been constructed for similar purposes but through different genres.
  6. Discuss how your attitudes influence your response to the way a controversy is represented in at least one text.
  7. Compare the effectiveness of the endings of two texts to position their audience to respond strongly to their themes or ideas.
  8. Reflect on how at least one text works to challenge or endorse a controversial perspective.
  9. Explore how the patterns of language or structure are used to represent a complex idea in at least one text.
  10. Account for the differences in the way two texts use generic conventions by considering their contexts.
  11. Compare how two texts use voice to encourage you to empathise with others outside of your own context.
  12. Explain how at least one text has transformed or adapted genre to alter an audience’s attitude towards an issue or concept.
  13. Show how at least one text reveals that the values of individuals are shaped by their circumstances.
  14. Compare how two texts of different genres respond to the concerns of the same time period.
  15. Explore how different perspectives on a controversy have been represented in at least one text.
  16. Discuss how voice has been crafted to reveal an inner or hidden conflict in at least one text.
  17. Compare how two texts of different modes use textual features to represent a similar idea or theme.
  18. How have language or structural innovations been used to unsettle an audience in at least one text?
  19. The beginning and the end of novels are particularly important in establishing the major ideas of a novel. Explore this in relation to a text you have studied.
  20. Explore how the historical, political or social context of a text has influenced your understanding of the main theme within the novel.
  21. The representation of ‘other’ within a text can be a political and/or social comment. Discuss with reference to at least one text you have studied
  22. With reference to at least one text you have studied, discuss how the construction of voice can be powerful in the conception of identity.
  23. Compare and contrast how two texts that you have studied deal with the same issue, but offer differing perspectives.

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