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University-level writing can be quite challenging for people without experience. By hiring a university tutor you can get assistance in any tertiary writing that you are required to do during your degree.

We can help with:

1) Report writing
2)Editing assignments
3)Thesis papers
4)Storyboarding reports

Sometimes just a couple of hours across a semester can help you achieve fantastic results and turn your academic career around.

What is the difference between academic and general writing?

In your everyday life, you are expected to communicate at a certain level. However, when you get to university, you are required to speak with an academic level of English. This can often be the crux of receiving great marks and average marks.

Our tutoring service can show you the tricks of the trade from someone who has worked with countless university students to help them take their credits to high distinctions.

How to write for university

Tips for paragraph writing

Paragraphs will make up the body of your text. For the purpose of university writing, you will need to write at least three body paragraphs per assessment.

1) a topic sentence
2) supporting sentences
3) evidence – this usually comes from journal articles or allocated readings
4) analysis of the direct quotes that you use
5) a concluding sentence that summarises the main point of the body paragraph

Sometimes just a couple of hours across a semester can help you achieve fantastic results and turn your academic career around.

Easy Essay Tips

1) Start your work ahead of schedule. Planning and scheduling helps your life admin!
2) supporting sentences
3) Always refer back to the essay question. This is a very common mistake and can cost you quite a few marks!
4) Create a strong thesis. Signal words are very important in essay writing. Ensure you create a strong thesis and develop your subheadings around that thesis.
5) Be careful with quotes. Ensure you actually integrate quotes, rather than just placing them into your body. Also, ensure you paraphrase correctly, otherwise, Turnitin will become a quick enemy!
6) Make sure you edit. The best work will have about four versions of a draft, which is important.
7) Give it a minute. Take a 24-hour gap between finishing your editing and handing in your assessment. This will give you fresh eyes.

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