How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

When it comes to helping your child’s education, there is nothing a caring parent wouldn’t do.

The question most parents ask when their child is struggling at school is how much does a tutor actually cost? The Perth English tutor market is diverse; you will have people at the low end of the spectrum and then premium tutors, who attract a higher price. This article is designed to give you an idea of what kind of investment you will need to hire a tutor in Perth for your child.

How much does an English tutor cost?

In short, an English tutor can cost anywhere from $25 to $120 per hour. It all comes down to experience and the service you expect. Most experienced tutors will charge more than $50 per hour, as they have a premium on their product and a precedent of results. Personally, I have a series of students who can vouch for my results and this gives clients the confidence that I know what I’m doing. If you are expecting to pay less than this price, you will likely be working with a university student who has very limited experience working with students, and is really just a “pro” in this subject. The more you pay for a tutor, the more emotional intelligence they are likely to have in working with your students.

Another point to consider is that tutors who are struggling to find more clients are likely to reduce their rate for you, offer you a discount or accept a request for a discount. The sign of a tutor with a strong track record is that they will not take a discount, as they know they will be booked out for the entire year.

One option to look at a reduced rate is the location where the tutoring takes place. If you require the tutor to come to your home, it is going to attract a higher price. You might be able to arrange a cheaper price if you bring the student to the tutor’s office, or if you conduct the sessions over Skype. You must be aware that a traveling tutor will take travel time and petrol into account when they are quoting you.

What should you expect from a premium tutor?

A premium tutor will be able to discuss previous results, with confidence, and assess the position that the student is at within the first session. You are well within your rights to ask for references from a premium tutor, and a good tutor will be able to provide this. These tutors will also know the curriculum and understand what your child is going to be learning.

Additionally, the tutor should have access to their own resources, including a computer or coursework. This is important as you do not want to waste time with a tutor who is not properly equipped for your child.

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