13 Study Tips for Surviving High School

Preparing for the start of Year 12? Or got exams coming up? There are many pressures that befall Year 12 students. Here are our top 25 study tips for Year 12.

1) Get yourself organised

Filing and coordinating your notes is going to help you out once you get to the end of the year and need to revise for content that you learnt in Term 1. Keep everything on file and make sure you keep a detailed folder with all of your notes.

2) Use the resources out there

The SCASA website, and the English Teachers Association of Western Australia (specifically for English course) has a lot of past exams and training manuals that you can use to keep up your practice during the times you don’t have anything else to do.

3) Get regular sleep

This time of your life is important – you need to make sure you are well-rested during Year 12. Keep a regular schedule and make sure you get your 7 hours a night.

4) Take regular breaks

Yes; it is important to study hard. But you should also make the time to get in some fun and get out there.

5) Create a safe space

Finding your own space is important for creating a pattern and routine. Carve out some time at the start of your year to make your space comfortable and truly you. Make sure you add in some greenery to give life to your space and make sure there’s plenty of lighting.

6) Organise a study group

Get together for some good old fashioned group study. This will let you bounce ideas off each other. We can also help with group tutoring!

7) Stay healthy

Make sure your feet is tip top this year as it’s important that you brain is functioning properly. A poor diet will lead to lethargy and lack of concentration.

8) Keep your goal somewhere central

It’s important to make sure you are constantly surrounded and striving towards a goal. If your goal is an ATAR of 98, put the number on your wall, on your roof above your bed, change your phone passcode of 9800. Do whatever it takes!

9) Figure out your learning style

Some people are visual, some people are auditory. Once you figure out your learning style, you can figure out how to study best.

10) Try the Pomodoro method

Breaking your work into intervals will help you take in more information. The old Pomodoro Technique was devised in the 1980s and still works for people today!

11) Switch off distractions

Deactivating your Facebook or making your mum change the Netflix password are effective ways to reduce any distractions. Once you figure out what’s taking up all of your time, you can work to reduce it.

12) Practice mindfulness

Meditation and the art of centering one’s self can actually improve your study capabilities. Just five minutes every day can help you stay focused.

13) Don’t overthink it!

Just remember that this is not the be all and end all. You will have other chances if you don’t get the mark you really need. Don’t overthink it, and make sure you enjoy your final year of high school.

For help with English and your study plan for the year, contact us today. We can help you set yourself up for a successful Year 12 career.

Good luck!