Writing a University Personal Statement

What is a personal statement? It is a statement that accompanies your college or university application and gives you a chance to explain and tell why you would like to and want to study in that university under that particular course. You can write about your skills, your experience showing the passion for the relative field you chose. Here are some tips that you should consider when writing a perfect university personal statement for you.

Find Perfect Words

Writing a good university personal statement will portray you in the best light. Finding the right words will sound more professional and sophisticated than just some regular words. For example, using the words “presumed” than “thought” and “accomplish” than “do” will sound more graceful and elegant. But you have to write these words very carefully because if you write over-the-top, then your university personal statement might look overdone.

Tone and style

Keep your tone professional and sophisticated. Using street language and slang are not appropriate for your university personal statement. Try to avoid the usage of passive voice and keep it active voice.

Develop a Good Opening Line.

Starting a statement with a strong sentence will have a good impact on the reader. Avoid beginning the statement with clichés. The most obvious words used for opening are usually considered boring and copied. Still, if you write something creative, it will make your statement stand out and positively impact the university.

Highlight Your Strengths

Use the opportunity of writing this university personal statement and promote your strengths. A personal statement is your first virtual image in university. Everything you write will matter. Describe what your strong qualities and your passions are. Telling your strengths will assure the university that the candidate is fit for us and make us proud.

Be Honest

Do not write fake stuff in your university personal statement. Do not write what you cannot do. If you are not capable of speaking Spanish, then do not write that in your statement. If you overcommit yourself in the statement in dire need of selection and ultimately get into that university, it will destroy your reputation.

Make a Good First Impression

Writing a professional university personal statement is a one-time opportunity. Starting with something unusual, hilarious, serious, or interesting will become the first impression of yours. Thus, it can make or ruin your chance to get admission in your desired institution.

Proofread at the End

One of the biggest mistakes is writing your university personal statement and not proofreading it. After completing your statement, proofread it yourself. Please keep all the points in your mind while reading it and carefully check grammar mistakes, spelling errors, formation, and tone and style mistakes are possible because, after all, we are all humans.


In the end, add some creative information like “where do you see yourself in the next five years?” and “what are your goals in your career?” Adding these questions and answering them creatively and wisely helps the reader understand the better perspective of your personality.