Top 20 Books to Inspire Your Teenager’s Love of Reading

A love of reading is something every parent hopes to ignite in their children and teenagers, and in the modern age of distraction, this is not easy.

Being great at English and being successful in ATAR English often stems from a love of reading and consuming content. This is the entire basis of the syllabus.

This is our definitive list of the top 50 books that you can use in your toolbox to inspire a love of reading in your teen.

Tip: Try to find a genre that your child loves and then look for more novels in that genre. If you start with fantasy and they love it, look for more novels in the fantasy genre.

This was the original series designed to engage a generation of young readers – a classic!

A oldie, but a goodie! These were the original horror stories that young teens around the world consumed en masse.

This is a hit with young women everywhere – a romantic tale designed for a younger audience.

A gorgeous story for lovers of romance. A great follow-on from If I Stay.

This stunningly-written novel written from an unexpected perspective is great for lovers of history.

Piggybacking off the success of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, this classic novel is making a comeback with teens. A great way to introduce them to the nuances of reading.

This series by Stephanie Meyer captivated the world and still captivates teenagers to this day!

This is the ultimate series about a true sisterhood. Perfect to teach young girls important lessons about having a strong group of friends.

This novel follows the journey of every young girl’s biggest dream – becoming a princess overnight. With a great number of sequels, this novel will keep your pre-teens going for a while.

This is part graphic novel-part traditional novel, perfect for teenage boys. They will follow some relatable characters through the comic book world!

This is the perfect series for young boys who love the fantasy world of beasts and warlords.

If the success of the films are anything to go by, this series of books will be a favourite of your teen who loves adventure and action!

This Hunger Games-esque series is perfect for teens who prefer action and adventure over romance. A great tie-in from the Hunger Games series.

This apocalyptic tale set in London is perfect for older boys who are already avid readers but ready to find their next great read!

A book about fitting in and standing out, and dealing with problems in a different way – perfect for teens who are still finding themselves.

Do you have a teen that is questioning sexuality and still trying to figure themselves out? This is a great novel to help them understand the complexities of the world of adult sexuality.

This novel is the perfect gift for a teen who needs to understand the importance of being themselves.

This novel is aimed at a younger female audience to help them navigate what it means to grow up in the modern era.

Full of mystical beings and wonders, this series is perfect for lovers of the fantasy genre.

This is the story of a girl who is the target of a school bully – a great lesson for all students.

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