Education For All Girls Helps Us All

At the end of every successful year in my business, I like to pay it forward and help other young women to find upward mobility in their lives. 

I believe education is the greatest gift we can give young women to allow them to be financially independent and proud of their achievements. And yet, there are still 130 million girls around the world who are denied an education. 

When we support young women, the whole world benefits. 

I have supported Plan International for many years as they do such a fantastic job of supporting and bettering the lives of young women. 

This year I have donated to allow five girls to access a legal identity. 

According to Plan International: 

Millions of girls grow up without formal recognition of their existence. By helping provide essential items like a girl’s birth certificate, you could protect her from early marriage, exploitation and trafficking, and secure a future where she can vote, work and claim her rights.

When girls are educated, the barriers to equality are much easier to break – both for themselves and future generations.

For every additional year of school that a girl completes, infant mortality rates are reduced by 5 to 10%. And 12 years of education for every girl would reduce child marriage worldwide by 64 percent.

A girl who can stay in school is more likely to grow into a woman who marries later, has a smaller and healthier family, earn better income and pursue the life she wants. Plus, she’ll go on to educate her family and her community – and she’ll break the cycle of poverty.

So what’s the impact?

Before discovering Plan International’s vocational training, Faith, now 21, was stuck in an abusive marriage. This is the power of your support:

“Just like I was, many of these girls are trapped in violent marriages and simply cannot leave their husbands because they are financially dependent on them. But vocational training can give these young women skills with which they can support themselves so they are no longer reliant on their husbands. Thanks to this vocational training, I can become financially independent.”

To help the work of Plan International, donate here.