Canva for Students

When I started using Canva I didn’t realise the potential that it had to change the way we learn and work. Over time I’ve realised that Canva can be a really powerful tool for teachers and students alike.

What is Canva?

Canva is a tool created by two Perth locals that helps individuals create templated designs from thousands of options in an online platform or through the app. It allows you to use stock photos, different fonts and other elements used by graphic designers around the world. Canva has been used a lot in the business world for social media graphics, presentations and for other important Mitchell marketing materials. But Canva also has great applications for students who are trying to take their skills to the next level. Here are some of the reasons why I love Canva as a resource for students.

Number 1: Practice with web interfaces

As digital natives this next generation of learners have become so accustomed to using web based interfaces to create wonderful and spectacular things. As part of the Australian curriculum, there is a requirement for students to learn how to use multiple different digital interfaces as part of their learning journey. I think Canva is a fantastic resource for students to learn how to design different elements that they will be required to create in their adult lives. They can create PowerPoint presentations, logos for their small businesses, social media graphics, to-do and checklists, important materials for their lives and anything else that they wish to create. Learning to use these design tools will help them in the long-term to become more familiar with how web interfaces and web tools can help them in their career.

Number 2: Improve aesthetics of assessments 

There have always been no students that go above and beyond in the presentation of their assignments for school. Whilst this is often not necessarily part of the rubric that is being marked, it is often looked upon favourably by teachers demonstrating the extra effort the students use to make their work look professional and sophisticated. Students can use Canva to create the finishing touch on their poetry, narrative writing, even their reports. It can really be used to make everything look 10 times better. I personally used it as a resource with one of my students to create a book of sight words to help him learn the meaning behind the words instead of just an arbitrary spelling. He really loves using the system because he could choose the picture that he wanted to associate with the site word and could make it look however he wanted with the appropriate colours and symbols.

No. 3: Artistic Prowess

There are some students who just light up when they are allowed to do art in school. They really get stuck into painting and they love creating different pictures from inside their mind. This is something that we should be encouraging as a standard because art is so powerful and so important in the modern world. Canva can be used as a tool for students to present their artistic designs in a different manner. They can create digital artwork or posters using the software and can even create posters to hang on their walls doors all for their study notes.

Sign up for a free trial for Canva today and see what you can create!

Disclaimer: Perth English Tutor is an affiliate of Canva