Activities for kids stuck at home

Are you looking for educational activities for kids stuck at home?

Most parents struggle to come up with a way to occupy their children for eight hours per day – and rightly so!

There are three key ways that we can encourage learning whilst the kids are stuck at home.


Play is fundamentally important when it comes to entertaining children stuck at home for weeks on end.

It’s a fun and creative way to get children involved in everyday activities.

  • Board Games: You might not believe it, but busting out Cluedo or Pictionary or Monopoly is the easiest way to get kids thinking about the world around them. Stir their curiosity, their love of words or an entrepreneurial fire within them.
  • Dust off the ping pong paddles: Activate your child’s hand, eye and foot coordination with an old-school game of ping pong.
  • Get out in nature: Inspire a love of nature by getting the kids outside and playing in the dirt.
  • Charge your imagination: Children will love playing dress-ups and role play with their parents. stuck at home


Encouraging communication is very important for children and adolescents.

There are key ways to get the dialogue flowing.

  • Grab a snack: Sitting down with a tea or some hot milk and actually turning all of the devices off gives you a chance to let the conversation flow. Try asking a question to start the little one’s curiosity.
  • Take turns reading: Grab a book and sit down with your kids and start reading. At the end of a double page, ask your children some questions about what you’ve just read or what you think is coming.


When we stop learning, our brains stop growing and expanding. In childhood and adolescence, we have the opportunity to make the most significant difference to our children.

  • Turn on the music: Switch on the radio or switch on Spotify and start listening for the tune and melody with your child.
  • Make things blow up: At-home science experiments are quite simple to create with everyday household items. And kids love to see things explode, fizzle or explode.
  • Create a blog together: A personal blog will help your child find a voice and will help them find a creative source. You can even make it a private place for them to express their emotions.

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