How to Write a University Essay?

Since the inception of formal education, essay writing has been considered a gold standard to evaluate the learning outcome. Interestingly, this single text speaks volumes of the student’s ability to articulate the scattered thoughts. Here, we would share the nitty-gritty of essay writing applicable to every competitive examination or assessment.

First of all, let’s discuss the structure, and then we will proceed towards the tips to craft an immaculate essay.

A good writer is always a proficient reader.

The first step is to read and research the similar writings of peers and academicians. Besides, reading spree, “study group” is also a pleasant avenue to share ideas. Nonetheless, excessive reading helps you assimilate vocabulary, sentence structuring, and styling to emulate in your version.

Brush up your concepts

Another important aspect is that your prerequisites must be fulfilled, such as grammatical concepts, format, sufficient vocabulary, and most importantly, the know-how of good essay writing.

Relevancy Through Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

A good rule of thumb illustrates that your whole essay should revolve around the given topic. The cliche approach makes your essay liable to get zero. Each paragraph should depict a different stance. Simultaneously, the focus must be pivoted by the inclusion of the thesis statement and topic sentence.

 Adopt Proper Referencing and Citation

A university essay is purely an academic subject, so the references and citation must be jotted down in a proper format, i.e., APA or MLA style.

Use of Transition Words

Transition words give a flow to your writing. The reader feels is taken on a journey through your main points, and your essay strikes the chord correctly.

 End With a Definite Standpoint

The academic essay is not a mystery novel, so the essay must be concluded in a concise approach rather than in a guessing notion. Creativity is applauded, but the figments of imagination are highly discouraged in academic essay writing.


If a pupil sticks to the abovementioned tips, the educator cannot deny top marks. Best of luck!