Thanks for all your help so far. Sam responds so well to your sessions!!


Thanks for your hard work with my son. You got him from not really liking English to do well and enjoying it. You gave him the tools to go up a grade.


You got straight to the essence of our daughter’s shortcomings and coached her in a precise and professional manner that increased her mark to an A and we were so happy to have had you as a tutor.


Bianca was an exceptional teacher and helped me achieve an A in English ATAR – a big improvement from the previous year. In comprehension, she lifted my grade from 50% to a 70% average and taught me the skills of analysis. Her approach made me feel more confident in approaching questions I normally would never have felt comfortable attempting.


Bianca was engaged to be our son’s English tutor for year 12, 2019. Bianca had an amazing ability to get down to his level by being engaging and enthusiastic with him. Adding a touch of humour she covered all areas of the curriculum. My son was particularly impressed with her very thorough knowledge of the curriculum and the expectations of the examiners.


Bianca is an energetic and naturally positive person. She has a way of simply explaining complicated issues in a way that is easy to understand.